When is Arbaeen 2015?

The day of Arbaeen is the 40th day following Ashura and in the year of 2015, Arbaeen in Iraq will fall on Thursday, the 3rd of December. [Updated according to the news]

The Arbaeen ceremony is the largest peaceful gatherings in the world that is annually occurs 40 days after the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain (PBUH), and his companions on the day of Ashura.



In the last year, I was only a virtual visitor of Arbaeen epic, sitting behind my laptop and insert some photos of Imam Hussain’s pilgrims into my blog and so on, but this year I’m going to be among  millions of pilgrims on the way to Karbala despite what I heard about the ISIL terrorist group.



Actually when I searched about ISIL and found that these fake Muslims cut men’s heads and sale their women as sex slaves, I decided not to travel to Karbala for Arbaeen as a girl but I thought: if you wish you would be on the day of Ashura in karbala helping the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, this time is the exact time to help. Arbaeen is the time we can introduce Hussain to the world by gathering more and more in Karbala and thus we can help the reappearance of Imam Mahdi by that as Imam Mahdi will introduce himself to the world by Imam Hussain (PBUH).



Moreover, when you really loved someone, it does not matter you were in dangers. Walking on Arbaeen toward the holy shrine of Imam Hussain is a way to show our love to Imam Hussain and his descendant, Imam Mahdi. Arbaeen is also a way to memorize how much difficulties Zainab and Hussain’s children tolerate as they were captive toward Karbala, So I tried to overcome my fear and “rely on God, he suffices as trustee” [33:3]


Arbaeen – Imam Hussain wallpaper

See more photos and videos of Arbaeen at here




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4 responses to “When is Arbaeen 2015?”

  1. rahi says :

    oh my God ! hi dear , you are going to go to Karbala too ?
    very goo but why you didn’t tell us dear?
    please send my regards to Hazrat Abbas(a.s) and Imam Hussain(a.s) , tell them : please call me again , I am waiting here and crying to come back again Oh’ Karbala! I wish I were a passenger to you 😦
    thank you , God bless you.


    • ashuraaa says :

      Glad to see you here my dare
      I didn’t tell you because I can not believe it yet unless I’ll be there as I do not know whether I’ve really been invited or not….please do pray for me
      surely I’ll send your message to them In sha-Allah if I walk to Karbala


      • rahi says :

        In sha-Allah
        In sha-Allah 🙂

        very good,
        Although God’s taking care all of Hussain’s pilgrims , but be carefull to use all of seconds too although we are your student 🙂
        give my heart and take it to karbala with yourself.
        Oh’ Hussain ….

        have no doubt, you have been chosen 🙂

        I hope you have a rich travel with a lot of benefits and lessons that you should know, to enhance your two worlds life. In sha-Allah

        I pray for you , please send my regards to Hazrat Abbas(as) and Imam
        Hussain (as) and pray for me and my family dear,please pray for my sister, she is sick.
        thanks a lot
        good bye


      • ashuraaa says :

        Thank u very much my dear
        thank u for ur good comment


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