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The righteous will inherit the land

The righteous will inherit the #land . This is what God has said in Quran (21: 105) as he has already said it in the Psalms (37: 29) and this is the true story . the future of the earth is for the righteous people following the return of the twelfth Imam, Imam Mahdi and the holy prophet Jesus (PBUH) and indeed the future of Palestine is also for the Palestinians not for the occupation regime and children killer of Zionists.

The final countdown for the Zionists has already begun and the victory is coming closer.

And indeed we have written in the Psalms, after the remembrance, that my righteous servants will inherit the land.

Quran 21:105

The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it permanently

Psalms 37:29

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Today is not Arbaeen in Karbala but the Quds day in Iran

Today was amazing!

I feel I was going on a walk toward Karbala on Arbaeen but surprisingly I was in Qom , a holy city in Iran, near the capital city of Tehran. I’ve seen so many different flags in today’s rally against Zionism and USA. There were more flags than what I’ve seen on Arbaeen. I  did not even know the name of countries I’ve seen their flags. At first I thought some Iranian people might pick up some flags for the Quds day but their faces were not seem to be Iranian people. I also asked some of them to be sure about it and I found that’s true. The Quds day of this year was a picture of the unity of nations to support Muslim people of Palestine against the occupying regime of Zionism.

I only took the photos of some flags in the rally and I have taken them while I was exactly at the end of the path of the rally not in the middle of it. that’s why you can not see the crowd in some photos.

 Thanks girls! When I asked these girls to take their photo, they kindly accept it. I asked them for their country name and found that they were from Indonesia. 

I also asked her for the name of her country but Read More…