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Ashura and Muharram 2016 video

Shia Muslims commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of the prophet Muhammad’s grandson , Imam Hussain,during the first 10 days of Muharram. They dressed in black, participate in mourning ceremonies and processions. Reading Ziyarat Ashura, listening to the speech, memorizing Imam Hussain’s thoughts and goals and mourning for Imam Hussain by what happened to the prophet Muhammad’s households are parts of a mourning ceremony.

The following video is a part of a mourning ceremony contained a type of mourning for Imam Hussain (PBUH) held in the 4th night of Muharram by Sayyid Majid Bani Fateme in Tehran, Iran.

 Abi Abdillah or Aba Abdillah /æba æbdil-lah/ means the father of Abdullah and it is a title of  Imam Hussain.

Ashura and Muharram 2016 Mourning Ceremony With the Attendance Of Imam Khamenei

The second night of Muharram Mourning was held at the official house of Imam Khamenei which is called “Imam Khomeini Hussainiyeh” and Imam Khamenei , the grand leader of Islamic community attended it.

Ashura And Muharram 2016 Imam Khamenei


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Shia muslims participate in mourning ceremonies in Muharram 2015 + Video

Shia muslims worldwide have participated in the mourning ceremonies since the first day of Muharram. mourning for Imam Hussain will reach its climax on the day of Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram.  In the following image you can see one of the Shia morning ceremonies which is held in every night of Muharram in Tehran, Iran.


The red curtain contained the name of “Ali Akbar (PBUH)” as last night was the night of mourning for Imam Hussain’s son, Ali Akbar (PBUH) who was martyred on the day of Ashura in Karbala while he was Read More…

Nazri food

During Muharram especially on Tasua and Ashura, Free food was offered to people who participate in the mourning ceremonies at public palces like mosques or even in the streets. This free Food is called Nazri /nazri:/ which is cooked by some people for the sake of God and  for the love of Imam hussain (PBUH).

In Muharram, Nazri is also offered to you at your homes by your neighbors who cook and distribute Nazri among their neighbors home by home.


Nazri in Muharram in Iran


Nazri food in Muharram in Iran


Nazri food in Iran


Nazri food in Iran


Offering tea in the streets, in Iran


Offering tea in the streets, in Iran


The lady who completed the epic of Ashura

There was a lady who saw how her sons and her brother and all of her family members were violently martyrd on Ashura.



She saw how Yazid’s army cut the heads of her family and put them on the arrows and how they ride on their bodies.

She was the only one who had to care of the women and children being held captive in Karbala and she was the one who had to continued the story of Karbala.



This great Lady was Zeinab who is the prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter and Imam hussain’s beloved sister.

Our supreme leader, Imam Khamenei, in one of his speeches in year 2013 said about this great Lady:

“The epic created by Zeinab al-Kubra (PBUH)[1] complements the epic of Ashura. The epic that Zeinab al-Kubra (s.a.) created revived and preserved the epic of Ashura. The greatness of what Zeinab al-Kubra (PBUH) did, cannot be compared to other great events in history. It should only be compared to the event of Ashura itself and truly, these two events complete one another.


The Supreme Leader, Imam Khamenei

This great personality and this great lady of Islam and all of humanity managed to stand firm in the face of the great mountain of hardships and there was not even a tremble in her voice because of all these events. She stood firm like a glorious mountain peak both in the face of enemies and in the face of hardships and bitter events. She became a lesson, a role model, a leader and a pioneer.


The Great Lady

At the market of Kufa [A city in Iraq], while she was held captive, she made this astonishing speech: “Oh people of Kufa, who are treacherous and disloyal, do you cry for us? May your tears not dry and may your moans not stop. You are like a woman who loosens her threads after she pulls them together” [al-Ihtijaj, Volume 2, page 303]. The words are as firm as steel and the meaning flows like a river and it influences hearts and souls. In such conditions, Zeinab al-Kubra delivered a speech, which was like the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.), and she shook hearts and souls and she shook history with these words. This speech became eternal in history. It was delivered in front of the people while she was held captive.


Typography Labbayk Ya Zeinab

After that, she delivered a speech in front of Ibn Ziad [The ruler of Kufa] in Kufa and a few weeks later, she spoke in front of Yazid with such strength that it both humiliated the enemy and the hardships which the enemy had imposed. She said, “Do you foolishly think that you can defeat, suppress and humiliate the household of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ?” “Honor belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the believers” [The Holy Quran, 63: 8]. Zeinab al-Kubra is the manifestation of dignity, as Hussain ibn Ali (PBUH) was the manifestation of dignity in Karbala on the day of Ashura.

The way she looks at events is different from the way other people look at those events. Despite all those hardships, when the enemy wants to taunt her, she says, “I did not see anything except for beauty” [Lohuf, page 160]. She said, “What I saw was beautiful. It was martyrdom. Although it was difficult, it was in the way of God and it was done for preserving Islam. It was the creation of an epic in history so that Islamic Ummah knows what it should do and how it should move forward and stand firm“. This is a great achievement made by the epic of Zeinab (PBUH). This is the dignity of God’s saint. Zeinab al-Kubra (PBUH) is one of God’s saints. Her dignity is the dignity of Islam and she made Islam and the Holy Quran valuable.

Of course, we are not as aspirational and determined as Zeinab al-Kubra (PBUH)  and therefore we cannot say that the behavior of this great lady is our model. We are too inferior to say such things, but anyway, our movement should be in line with the movement of Zeinab (PBUH). Our efforts should be focused on bringing dignity for Islam, the Islamic community and the entire humanity. This is the same responsibility that Allah the Exalted has entrusted to prophets through Islamic obligations and rules.

…one of the factors which brought about this spirit and this patience in Zeinab al-Kubra (PBUH)  and other divine saints – who moved forward with such spirit and patience – is sincerity and honesty. It is very important to honor our promises to Allah the Exalted and to devote our hearts to the path of God in a sincere way….” [2]


[1] Al-Kubra means the great which is a title of Lady Zeinab.

[2] Read the complete speech at here

Ashura 2014 in Iran

Today is Ashura, the day when the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam hussain and 72 of his loyal companions were violently martyred in Karbala and all of  his family were taken as prisoners only because they did not want to say yes to Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah.

Yazid had forced Imam Hussein to pledge allegiance to his tyrannical government otherwise he killed Imam hussein (PBUH) .

There was no way for Imam Hussein (PBUH) but Imam Hussein preferred to be killed instead of accepting tyranny and injustice as he said it openly in front of Yazid’s Army: “death with honor and nobility is better than life with baseness and contempt.“[1]

Along with the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, 72 of his companions also decided to stand with him up to end. They all scarified their lives to save Islam from utter distortion and destruction .

Every year millions of Muslims hold mourning ceremonies to mark Ashura, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and here are some photos of this year on Ashura:


Ashura 2014 in Iran

The symbolic event of burning tents in one of the  mourning ceremonies held today in the capital city of Iran to mark the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH) .


Ashura 2014 in Iran


Ashura 2014 and the day of fight against global arrogance.

Text shown in the above image:  “Down with Yazid of  time”

As November 4, also known as “Student Day” in Iran, marks the day of fight against global arrogance, Iranians have held massive rallies across the country to mark this day along with Ashura.


Ashura 2014 and the day of fight against global arrogance


Ashura 2014 and the day of fight against global arrogance in Qom, Iran


Ashura 2014 in Qom, Iran

The mourning ceremony held in the Holy shrine of Hadhrat-e Masumeh, Imam reza’s sister, in Qom, Iran.


Ashura 2014 in Qom, Iran

Mourning people took part in the noon prayer in congregation held in the Holy shrine of Hadhrat-e Masumeh in Qom, Iran.

[1]-” الموت اولی من رکوب العار “

When is Ashura 2014?

Ashura in year 2014 is on Tuesday, the 4th of November.

The 10th of Muharram is called Ashura and Muharram is the first month of Islamic calender.

Ashura is always on the same day in the Islamic calendar but it is not in the Georgian calender because of the difference between these two calenders.

Ashura marks the day when Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, along with 72 of his companions was martyred more than 14 centuries ago thus every year on the day of Ashura, millions of mourners commemorate their martyrdom anniversary.

The following images were taken on Ashura in the previous year:

ashura in iran

Ashura in Iran

Ashura in iran

Ashura in Iran

Ashura in iran

Ashura in Iran

Ashura in Iran

Ashura in Iran

Ashura in Iran

noon prayer in congregation on Ashura in Iran

Ashura in Iran

noon prayer in congregation on Ashura in Iran

Ashura in Iran

noon prayer in congregation on Ashura in Iran

Noon prayer (Salat) in congregation is held all over the country of Iran on the day of Ashura as Imam Hussain (pbuh) and his companions performed their last noon prayer in the middle of the battle in Karbala.


Ashura in Iran

Ashura 2014 is coming…

Tomorrow is the first day of Muharram and Ashura is coming, so you can see the color of  Muharram all over the country in Iran.