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Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hussain in Karbala / Tasua 2017 photos

Shia muslims mourn for the martyrdom anniversary of the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain, on the day and night of Tasua  in front of the holy shrine of Imam Hussain in Karbala

Tasua 2017

prayer in congregation in the front of the holy shrine of Imam Hussain  Read More…

Ashura 2017 in Syria, The violence made by ISIS, the progeny of Yazid

Ashura 2017 is now happening in Syria. The followers of Imam Hussain, the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, were executed and cut their heads by ISIS terrorist group in Syria.

During  last week, a video uploaded by ISIS , had the highest rank video among Iranian people. A video about a young  25 years old Iranian man expecting to be executed by ISIS but standing in the dust with no fear in his eyes.

Ashura 2017 in Syria. The moment of capturing Martyr Mohsen Hojaji before his execution by ISIS terrorist group. (A photo taken from the video)

 Watch a part of a video uploaded by ISIS including a moment of capturing Iranian Martyr Mohsen Hojaji

The knife in the hand of the ISIS man and his red Read More…