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Arbaeen 2022 | Hussain’s Army of Today

Nowadays, we need to introduce #Hussain to the #world.

The world of tyranny and corruption needs to know the liberty of Hussain.

The world needs to know that there was a man who resisted and sacrificed all he had to show the true way to the world

The world need to know that there is a man left from the descendants of Hussain. A man called Mahdi who will introduce himself by Hussain on his return and take charge of the affairs of the world and fills it with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and tyranny. A man whom Jesus [PBUH], the son of Mary, will descend to help him.

We need to introduce Hussain to world and the greatest way is the magnificent movement of #millions of followers and lovers of Imam Hussain flocking toward one destination from around the world on one day called Arbaeen.

#Arbaeen 2022 is under way. lots of people have just started their journey toward the holy shrine of Imam Hussain in Karbala and now we need to #choose our way. Being among Hussain’s army of today or not!


Ashura | Defending you by my body | A quote by Imam Mahdi

Tomorrow is the day of Ashura in 2022 , the martyrdom anniversary of the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, imam Hussain and his companions. Our great condolence to Imam Mahdi and his lovers and followers for this anniversary and may Allah hasten his reappearance

The following image is another part of Ziyarat Nahiyah by Imam Mahdi


Peace be upon you [#Hussain]!

A peace from the one who would #defend you against the sharp swords by his body if he was with you in #Karbal

A part of Ziyarat Nahiyah by #ImamMahdi

السلام علیک!

سلام من لو کان معک بالطفوف لوقاک بنفسه حد السیوف

زیارت الناحیه المقدسه

سلام بر تو !

سلام کسی که اگر با تو در کربلا بود، با جانش از تو در مقابل شمشیرهای تیز محافظت می کرد

بخشی از زیارت ناحیه مقدسه از امام زمان عج

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