Congratulation on the birthday of Lady Fatima , The greatest lady of the worlds

Congratulation on the birthday anniversary of Lady Fatima (PBUH),  the greatest lady throughout history, the daughter of the messenger of Allah, the mother of Imam Hussain (PBUH) and the grandmother of the savior of man, the promised Mahdi.

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The birthday of lady Fatima is also nominated as the day of woman and mother in Iran. So Happy woman’s and mother’s day to all the women and mothers in the world .

Let’s read about what the Grand leader of Islamic community, Ayatullah Khamenei, has said about women and Lady Fatima (PBUH). I found it very impressive , so I translate it to English as much as I can:

The women in Islam is really respected. If Islam emphasizes the mother’s value inside the family or emphasizes the woman’s position and her duties and limitations inside the family, it does not mean at all to prohibit woman from participating in social activities or political issues or other general activities. Some people did not understand Islam and some other people made this misunderstanding consciously in such a way that women can not be a good mother and wife and also participate in social activities but this is not true. A women must be both a good mother and wife and participate in social activities. Lady Fatima Zahra (PBUH) is the manifestation of such a woman with all these aspects together. Lady Zeinab is an another example…. (This Speech was given at 5.5.1384)

Read more about lady Fatima in another speech of Ayatullah Khamenei at here

A question:

If lady Fatima is the greatest lady in the world , but what about the holy Mary (PBUH), the mother of the prophet Jesus (PBUH)? According to the holy Quran and quotes, The Mary together with the pharaoh’s wife are also the great ladies in the world and these two ladies are the example not only for women but also for all the believers. The places of these ladies are definitely at the heaven but we have a quote by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Lady Fatima (PBUH) is superior to all the women of the heaven.

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