Ashura 2017 in Syria, The violence made by ISIS, the progeny of Yazid

Ashura 2017 is now happening in Syria. The followers of Imam Hussain, the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, were executed and cut their heads by ISIS terrorist group in Syria.

During  last week, a video uploaded by ISIS , had the highest rank video among Iranian people. A video about a young  25 years old Iranian man expecting to be executed by ISIS but standing in the dust with no fear in his eyes.

Ashura 2017 in Syria. The moment of capturing Martyr Mohsen Hojaji before his execution by ISIS terrorist group. (A photo taken from the video)

 Watch a part of a video uploaded by ISIS including a moment of capturing Iranian Martyr Mohsen Hojaji

The knife in the hand of the ISIS man and his red scarf , the dust in the air due to the burning tents and the way they executed Shia muslim people in the land of Syria, remember the year 680 to us. The year Yazid and his army who claimed to believe in God and the holy prophet Muhammad, cut the head of the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain, and all 72 of his companions even his six-month-old son on the day of Ashura in Karbala.

Yazid’ army with at least 30,000 men covering in red dress, brutality killed the prophet Muhammad’s grandson because he refused to pay allegiance to Yazid who wanted to power through corruption and violence. Yazid, then captured all the women including Lady Zeinab and their children and moved them along with their men’s heads from Karbala toward the Levant, a land which is now called Syria.

The ISIS (or ISIL: Islamic state of Iraq and Levant) group like Yazid, called them Muslims and have the name of God and the holy prophet Muhammad on their black flag but they killed innocent people not only in Iraq and Syria but also in Ankara, Lahore, Brussels, Barcelona and etc…. You will expected to hear the name of ISIS, wherever you hear about a terrorist attack. Children were executed by this group in front of their parent, captive women were rounded up to sold in the slave markets. They even killed their captives and cut their heads against the holy Quran’s verses and the prophet Muhammad’s saying.


More about Martyr Mohsen Hojaji

Mohsen Hojaji was from Esfehan and had a son of about 2 years old. Following his martyrdom, his will in the voice messages to his wife and son were highly propagated by Iranian people through social networks. one of his statements in his will said to his son was that: “live in such a way that God will fall in love with you…” 

He was a young man who had been working for an NGO in Iran since he was fifteen. He was working as a volunteer to build some buildings in villages for families in need and try to promote the culture of reading books among people by staging book exhibitions in mosques. He was a member of Iranian advisory support team in Syria when he captured during an ISIL attack to the Iraq-Syria border.

Mohsen Hojaji

Martyr Mohsen Hojaji and his son. The Arabic text written in his shirt is: “peace be upon Aba-Abdellah Al-Hussein (Imam Hussain)”

Martyr Mohsen Hijaji working for families in need in a district far from the city.


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