Arbaeen : A Lament in the Presence of Imam Khamenei + English Subtitle

Sayid Reza Narimani was unknown to me when I heard his lamentation for the first time. He performed this in front of  the supreme leader of  Islamic nations, Imam Khamenei at the first of the meeting with the people of Isfahan. It was happen at the same time people were walking to the Karbala on Arbaeen.
This lamentation was about Arbaeen. It was for Imam Hussain (PBUH) and for remembering of all the martyrs who were killed by the ISIL theorist group in Syria while they defend the holy shrine of lady Zeinab, the beloved Imam Hussain’s sister and the granddaughter of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

A lamentation by Sayid reza Narimani on Arbaeen 2016

English translation by

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<<I must go as well>>

Hussain! My lord! my Lord! My lord! (2)

You see the unity of Hussainians (People who love imam Hussain) glory

On the day of Arbaeen, you see our army

We attack the whole enemies with the flag of Hussain (2)

We go and eliminate all Yazids (2)

We arrived by walking in black dresses

our black dresses will become our shrouds

My Lord! The Hussainians are waiting for a sign from you

Hussain! My lord! My lord! My Lord! (4)

[Sayid Reza Narimani: for Remembering of all the martyred defenders of the holy shrine]

See me a little, See my mourning as well (2)

See my sweet of mourning for you

My heart is [broken] but full of patience

What a large number of martyrs are being come from Syria

I must go as well

Yeah, I must go and my head must be cut [by the ISIL group]

[but] not to allow any enemies to close to the holy shrine*

and a day will also come for me to die

I am also a mother, I love my son

but I leave my young son to Bibi [Lady zeinab]

to become a defender of the holy shrine if Bibi accept him

Hussain! My lord! My lord! My Lord! (5)


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